It's really super important to stop windshield cracking from spreading; or the windshield will surely need replacing at some point in the future. Some states have a rule that driving a vehicle with cracking that is more than six inches away from the outer edges of the windshield is illegal. Even when a person doesn't have insurance to cover a fix, a ten or twenty dollar repair fee is so much less than the cost of replacing a windshield. A crack that is smaller than a dollar bill is usually fixable. It's difficult to understand why a person would even spend $1 on a possibly ineffective or even destructive self-fix when it's easy to find $10 trained-technician fixes or insurance-covered fixes.
Do-it-yourself replacing of windshields is not a good practice because it's often done improperly and the windshields then pop out in accidents instead of functioning as they are meant to. As well as keeping wind, weather, bugs, and rocks out of the car, windshields function as safety devices during accidents, keeping people and airbags inside the car, and keeping the roof from buckling during a rollover. It's really only possible to trust windshield installations that are done by properly trained certified technicians and that use only OEM-specified windshields and adhesives. This is why it's a bad idea to use junkyard windshields for replacements-you just can't be sure of what you're getting.


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