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  It's really super important to stop windshield cracking from spreading; or the windshield will surely need replacing at some point in the future. Some states have a rule that driving a vehicle with cracking that is more than six inches away from the outer edges of the windshield is illegal. Even when a person doesn't have insurance to cover a fix, a ten or twenty dollar repair fee is so much less than the cost of replacing a windshield. A crack that is smaller than a dollar bill is usually fixable. It's difficult to understand why a person would even spend $1 on a possibly ineffective or even destructive self-fix when it's easy to find $10 trained-technician fixes or insurance-covered fixes. Do-it-yourself replacing of windshields is not a good practice because it's often done improperly and the windshields then pop out in accidents instead of functioning as they are meant to. As well as keeping wind, weather, bugs, and rocks out of th

    One high tech way of making sure receipts are always kept and organized is to use a scanner to scan in all the receipts. There are even specialty scanners in place now that can handle many receipts at once and even automatically file them into a specific folder. The third step is to maintain invoice integrity. The concept of invoice integrity is simple — if there's an open invoice floating around, it needs to be accounted for and closed in a timely fashion. The biggest frustration of small business bookkeeping is often that invoices can take a long time to get filled and thus bring money back into the company to handle expenses and fund future projects. This step is so crucial that it may even lead to your bookkeeping system influencing corporate policy on exactly how and when invoices must be paid. For example, you can outline a policy where all invoices must be paid within 15 days of being sent out or there will be a late fee or other penalty. This usually encourages people t

  Sometimes people hear about things like flat tires or running out of gas, and think that might never happen to them. The point of any kind of insurance as well as a membership in a car club is for the eventuality of such things happening. Running out of gas isn't just embarrassing, in the winter in Canada it can be downright deadly. Having a flat tire can also be dangerous. Knowing that a tow truck is going to come to one's aid in situations like this makes a driver lost in the middle of nowhere less frustrated and panicked. And that's important when it comes to surviving a cold Canadian winter. Many people take the status of their cars for granted. They're so toasty warm nowadays, especially with hidden seat warmers and remote car starters. People don't plan to have accidents or to run out of gas or have a flat tire or any of the many other things that can go wrong. Hopping into the car wearing just a sweater and pants seems alright a