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  Even if a home owner doesn't want to do a reworking of the home, there are some green energy resources that he will check into to make the home more energy efficient. These green energy options are way more reasonable to be used in the home today vs years past. During the past, there were massive solar cells that needed to be mounted on the roof of the home to deliver the solar electricity for the appliances in the home. These panels were not attractive and didn't do a particularly efficient job of supplying the energy. Today, there are some solar energy panels that may be mounted on the roof of the home, but they aren't as voluminous and are loads more efficient than each before. In addition to these solar cells, there are more green energy possibilities that may be utilized in houses. Instead of solar energy panels on the roof, people can now use solar roofing tiles that look like regular roofing tiles but capture the energy of the sun an

  When heated with a few teaspoons of lemon and about three tablespoons of natural cane or other natural sweetener, you can turn blueberries or raspberries into a delightful fruit compote that tops off the nutlike taste of your whole wheat pancakes to perfection . To make the fruit topping, use three cups of blueberries, (substitute blackberries or raspberries if you like them better) add about five tablespoons of lemon juice and heat to boiling. Stir in 1/3 cup of cane sugar or natural sweetener. Simmer for about 10 minutes. The mixture will begin to get thicker at which point its time to remove from heat. Whole wheat pancakes topped with a hot fruity blend is wonderful morning treat, especially on a cool crisp morning. The great scent of the cooking fruit will bring a lot of attention to your now favorably anticipated meal. It really is delicious for adults and kids. It's surprising how the whole wheat tastes so good with fruit.